After 35 years in the industry, we know how to keep Lusterstone Driveway Resurfacing & Garage Floor Epoxy looking great!

We send out reminders to maintain your Lusterstone. We schedule your professional maintenance in the warmer months for best results and quicker dry time. Epoxy is similar to syrup. If applied at cool temperatures, it can go down too thick and effect the natural look of the stone. It can also take several days to properly cure. Moisture can effect maintenance. Plan accordingly.

Lusterstone offers professional inspections to evaluate older installations. Power-washing is the first step. After cleaning, we can evaluate the installation, provide an estimate and schedule the service.

  • Professional cleaning, re-coat and touch-up by Lusterstone trained personnel for best results.  (Minimums apply)
  • Homeowners can re-coat and touch up their Lusterstone.
  • DIY materials and instructions are available.
  • Our standard warranty is for 3 years. Our Extended warranty is 5 years with one Lusterstone re-coating during 3rd year. 10 year warranties available*. Ask for details.
  • Power-washing is recommended annually and before most re-coatings.
  • Keep perimeter edged for proper water run-off. Use string edger as not to chip edges. Single stage snow blowers and plastic shovels work best for snow removal. Salt / deciders will not harm Lusterstone.    (Hose off after ice melts.)
  • Re-coat Lusterstone after 2-5 years or when it becomes dull for best results. The epoxy holds the stone together. Driveways in direct sunlight need more maintenance than foot traffic areas on North side of home. Direct sunlight will burn off epoxy. Keep it shiny. Keep it looking great.
  • Neglected Lusterstone will lose stone if not maintained properly, so protect your investment and enjoy your Lusterstone for many years.

Bottom line:

  • Our installations will last 20+ years with average maintenance.
  • Just like an automobile: the better you keep it cleaned and maintained, the better it will look and last.

FREE Maintenance??

Yes, through our referral program.

Most Lusterstone customers offset the cost of the maintenance with our trackable referral program offered through our new Lusterstone App.

Show off your Lusterstone!

Lusterstone can help you promote your new installation through Facebook & social media. We will post your before/after pics on our Facebook page. You simply copy and paste to your Facebook page and see them reply. That’s it!

The average Lusterstone customers refer 2-3 friends/ neighbors every year. You should too! $50-$100 referrals can easily keep the maintenance cost low or even eliminate it altogether.

“Win-Win” program!