Lusterstone Pebble Paving in Omaha, NE

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Step 1)  Preparation

No Mess, No Tear Out!

We will notify you in advance when the installation is scheduled. You will always be kept informed of the process. No surprises. No excuses.

Our stone flooring & paving company in Omaha, Nebraska believes in waterproofing all installations with epoxies and urethane sealants. We design the water to run “off” and not undermine the concrete base. In some situations, mud jacking or even replacing damaged concrete must be done before we install Lusterstone. We address sawing in new control joints and all other situations in order to achieve the best results. The concrete has to move somewhere! We design Lusterstone to move at the joints and to not randomly crack.

Step 2)  Installations

Lusterstone’s trained installers will pull up in professional looking trucks and dress like professionals. They have the right equipment and skill set to deliver exceptional results. Period. Fully licensed and insured, you will be impressed with our efficiency and professionalism.

Ready to use in 24-48 hours!

Step 3)  Maintenance

We send out reminders to maintain your Lusterstone. We schedule your professional maintenance in the warmer months for best results and quicker dry time. Epoxy is similar to syrup. If applied at cool temperatures, it can go down too thick and effect the natural look of the stone. It can also take several days to properly cure. Moisture can effect maintenance. Plan accordingly.

Lusterstone offers professional inspections to evaluate older installations. Power-washing is the first step. After cleaning, we can evaluate the installation, provide an estimate and schedule the service.

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