Lusterstone has award winning sales and installation system that provides our customers with the finest Stone/Epoxy resurfacing experience in the country.

From the initial sales contact through scheduling an installation, your Lusterstone experience will be professional, straight forward, and efficient. We value our customers and strive to offer unsurpassed expertise in sales, installations and customer service.

Professional inspections and maintenance help our customers keep their Lusterstone looking good for up to 20+ years. We have the excellent service programs available for customers that want the finest long-term results.

First Contact

A) Lusterstone gathers info / Pictures on future project before an in-home consultation is scheduled. This saves customers time and money while providing a general estimate by phone or email. If within price range we can schedule an appointment to meet.

B) Lusterstone will book a specific time for consultation with owners on their project:

We will have a detailed discussion of the Lusterstone preparation, stone flooring installation process, custom color options/ custom designs, etc. we will then schedule an installation with a deposit ( 3 day rescission / Neb state law)