Most homes have many concrete areas that will need attention/ repair over the years. Some concrete has to be removed and replaced.

However, there is an option available that many homeowners do not consider when choosing a solution : Lusterstone Pebble Paving.

Not pebbles as in loose gravel, but stone and epoxy. If the concrete is cracked but still reasonably stable, you may have another option.

Lusterstone Pebble Paving is when the rocks are actually fixed in place, creating an almost mosaic feel to the area. Besides providing a captivating scene, Lusterstone Pebble Paving offers much more to homeowners.

Lusterstone can be installed on many areas on your home.

  • Driveways
  • Walks and Porches
  • Patios
  • Garages
  • Pool decks
  • Wood decks
  • Basement floors

Relatively low cost

Concrete can be difficult and expensive to replace. Lusterstone is installed directly over existing concrete with no tear-out and no-mess! Usually completed in a day or two. Waterproofing and preparing the substrate is essential.

Low maintenance

Lusterstone has a brilliant shine when it is installed, but the UV rays will burn off the shine over the years. Rolling another fresh coating of epoxy is recommended 2-4 years to keep the stone intact and looking great for many years. This can be a DIY or Lusterstone provides professional recoating.


Lusterstone driveways are also great options because they naturally allow water to soak through the surface and down to the concrete. No more puddles with Lusterstone.


Lusterstone can add a skid resistant sand for added safety. However, Lusterstone without safety sand is much nicer on bare feet.

Results you can be proud of

Create a beautiful custom stone look with several color options and designs.

For inquiries about your surface, contact Lusterstone today.